HI, I'M CHRIS. I'M a seasoned architect with specialised knowledge in the residential sector. I HAVE CREATED 'Enhance Architecture', WHICH I HOPE WILL ENABLE THE REALISATION OF MANY ARCHITECTURAL DREAMS ACROSS BRISTOL AND BEYOND.

I am very experienced in every aspect of domestic architecture, having worked in this sector for over 15 years. My experience across hundreds of projects carried out in London is almost entirely transferable to Bristol, but I have also carried out over 35 projects here (and counting!).

I love designing, and have been drawn to architecture from a young age, growing up in London. I studied both my Architectural Degree (2000-2003) and Masters (2005-2006) in Sheffield and I really loved both my studies and the city. I must say however that Bristol has won my heart over both London and Sheffield!

I am married with 2 kids, who are a constant source of joy & amusement (and occasionally bemusement!)